Christmas Basket Auction & Sale
Our Christmas Basket Sale is normally our biggest Fundraiser of the year, but this year we were cautious due to all of our questions: Would having baskets out only 7 days be enough? Would we get enough donations? Would we have enough time to prepare and present them properly? Would people have enough money to buy them in our uncertain economy?
But people came forward who believe in our center and challenged us to do one by promising donations. And two fabulous volunteers (Barb S. and Sandi S.) volunteered to help Flo and Barbara P. And buyers who believe in our center came forward to support it by bidding and buying.
We wanted to make money, but we also wanted to bring Christmas joy. So our team worked hard at creating and displaying unique and festive baskets and gifts that filled our lobby. Plus there were two gorgeous quilts down the hallway.
To all of you who donated items, to all of you who bid and bought items, and to all of you who just stopped to tell us you enjoyed them -- Thank You All !! Please check out the list of our fabulous and generous donors on the right.
Oh, and we wound up setting a record by making more money than we have ever made on a Christmas Basket Fundraiser before!!!
2022 Christmas Baskets Donor List
  • Avamere Court at Keizer
  • Bauer Insurance
  • Trader Joe’s Salem
  • Honeywood Winery
  • Atrio Health Plans
  • Willamette Valley Bank
  • the K/SAS Mahjongg Group
  • the K/SAS Voracious Readers
  • the K/SAS Line Dancers
  • PLUS -- K/SAS Members:
    • Ron and Karyl A.
    • Pat C.
    • Vivian F.
    • Julie F.
    • Florence H.
    • Mary Lou H.
    • Gloria and Carl H.
    • Gordeane L.
    • Noel M.
    • Betty M.
    • Carol M.
    • Sherry M.
    • Gayle O.
    • Bob and Dianne P.
    • Sherry P.
    • Sara P.
    • Larry and Barbara P.
    • Barb S.
    • Linda S.
    • Arma and Chuck S.
    • Tyson W.
    • and Santa’s Elves!



As you might suspect, Fundraising isn't the job of just one person. It is done by a team who brainstorm, plan and work on the fundraisers. Currently, we have a team leader for each Fundraiser, plus as many volunteers as it takes to get the job done. Some people volunteer on many fundraisers and some on just on one or two. If you might be interested in getting involved in these Fun Activities, please call the Center at 503-390-7441 or email us at