We keep busy!

Here at K/SAS, we offer a variety of activities held at our center. Our goal is to attract you to enjoy a social environment with like-minded friends doing things you like to do. For today's offerings,  take a look at the calendar or call us at (503) 390-7441 to find out more. Our purpose is  to provide programs and activities for their educational, legislative, social and cultural needs and to operate those programs and activities.  We depend on volunteers (that means you!) to see a need or opportunity and "get 'er done!" .  Over the years, our membership has developed a sense of community and enthusiasm.  Some of our offerings are below....and if you don't see something that interests you, come on in and see if we can get it going!


A number of classes are offered at K/SAS at very reasonable prices. We continue to offer ongoing favorites and occasionally will have a special class.  What do you want to learn?


We LOVE to DANCE!  Our members enjoy social dances throughout the week, for festivities and a variety of dance classes.   Discover your next dance step.


It is our HONOR to provide services that benefit our community.  From great food to to informative help with a smile.   See what is available.


There is a reason that the Wall Street Journal calls Bingo "the latest old-school pastime enjoying a resurgence ..."  Come join the new people and get out of the rain!  Bingo at K/SAS

Groups and Clubs

Do you thrive around other people...miss doing (...fill in the blanks...) with friends, want to get out of the house?  See the groups and clubs we currently have.  See something missing?  We hope you'll stop in and get it going!


Cards and Games

Do you like to play?  Yep, so do we!   Come and have fun at K/SAS.