From the Travel Desk:
If you are interested in helping to plan and set up local trips for our members, please call the Front Desk and leave a message for the Travel Department.

Oregon West Reservations

Oregon West Excursions has simplified the process for signing up for their trips. Instead of you signing up at K/SAS, then finalizing arrangements with them, you will work directly with Oregon West for the entire reservation and travel process. This method will be less complicated, and saves work for everyone. Please be assured that we will still get a donation from them for maintaining the Bulletin Board and the travel page in the Bulletin and on our website. We hope this will work out better for everyone involved. You may call Oregon West at (503) 585-3979, or visit their website

2021 Trips and Tours

For more information and trips, see the Oregon West Excursions website.
December 8 2021—December 10 2021 Christmas Delight in Ashland ~~ Oregon West
Christmas in Ashland? Oregon Shakespeare Festival is breaking tradition and putting on a Christmas Play… It’s Christmas, Carol! A silly, song-filled joketacular for the mind. We also head to the Oregon Cabaret Theatre for one of their fun Christmas Plays… Christmas Contigo. See Flyer
December 12 2021 Shore Acres Christmas Holidays ~~ Oregon West
Cancelled by venue.

2022 Trips and Tours

For more information and trips, see the Oregon West Excursions website.
March 1 2022—March 5 2022 Death Valley & Las Vegas ~~ Oregon West
Death Valley – the hottest, driest, lowest: A superlative desert of streaming sand dunes, snow-capped mountains, multicolored rock layers, 3 million acres of wilderness. Join us for a sunny vacation in the desert! See Flyer
April 4 2022—April 9 2022 Music & More in Tennessee ~~ Oregon West
Grab your friends for a toe-tapping experience in Tennessee… It’s contribution to American music is essential! Nashville – home to the Grand Ole Opry, it bears the nickname “Music City, U.S.A.” By the 1950s, the city’s record labels dominated with slick pop-country… Memphis – the “Birthplace of the Blues” and “Rock & Roll”… W.C. Handy wrote the first commercially successful blues song, “St. Louis Blues”, in a bar on Beale Street. In 1952, Sam Phillips started Sun Records, an early rock & roll and blues label. Among the artists were Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis, and more! See Flyer
April 18 2022—April 23 2022 Sedona, Moab & Monument Valley ~~ Oregon West
Sedona, Arizona, called the “Red Rock Country”… This is some of the most spectacular scenery in the world! Monument Valley… It’s on the National Register of Historic Places! Moab… Its unique combination of red rock scenery, two national parks, and the cool waters of the Colorado River has made it one of the most sought after destinations in the southwest. See Flyer