From the Travel Desk:
If you are interested in helping to plan and set up local trips for our members, please call the Front Desk and leave a message for the Travel Department.

Oregon West Reservations

Oregon West Excursions has simplified the process for signing up for their trips. Instead of you signing up at K/SAS, then finalizing arrangements with them, you will work directly with Oregon West for the entire reservation and travel process. This method will be less complicated, and saves work for everyone. Please be assured that we will still get a donation from them for maintaining the Bulletin Board and the travel page in the Bulletin and on our website. We hope this will work out better for everyone involved. You may call Oregon West at (503) 585-3979, or visit their website

2022 Trips and Tours

For more information and trips, see the Oregon West Excursions website. Note-Proof of Vaccination is required 
May 29 2022—June 3 2022 Motor Coach Mystery Tour ~~ Oregon West
– Water, Water, Water… some great food and lots of fun… This tour does require ¾ of a mile walking on uneven ground. This is a new tour to OregonWest Excursions. This place is known for it’s mild year round weather… and beautiful scenery… we, promise we will help you pack! Waitlist
June 18 2022—June 24 2022 "Canadian Rockies ~~ Oregon West
While Italy has Venice and Florence, Canada has Banff and Jasper… legendary natural marvels that are as spectacular & vital as anything the ancient Romans ever built. Don’t think these protected areas have no history. Of the thousands of National Parks, Banff, created in 1885, is the third oldest. The two bordering parks were designated Unesco World Heritage sites. Both parks are surrounded by classic Canadian Rocky Mountain peaks and stunning glaciers. Filling fast See Flyer
June 26 2022—July 1 2022 Chicago ~~ Oregon West
July 23 - July 27 2022 The Cascade Loop ~~ Oregon West
Few fully know the intense and rugged beauty of the North Cascades – jagged peaks, deep valleys, cascading waterfalls, and over 700 glaciers… It’s a thrilling ride through the heart of Washington State. “The Loop” is 440 miles long and is as diverse as it is magnificent! See Flyer
August 7 - August 13 2022 Jackson Hole & Park City ~~ Oregon West
Jackson (originally called Jackson’s Hole by mountain men) is in a valley between the Gros Ventre and Teton mountain ranges. Unlike most mountain ranges the Tetons lack foothills, which can obscure the view. As such, the Tetons rise sharply from 5,000 to nearly 7,000 feet above the surrounding terrain. The Park is famous throughout America for its spectacular landscape featuring majestic mountains, pristine lakes, and abundant wildlife. Park City… Known for the 2002 Winter Olympics, this beautiful town is full of charm and history! See Flyer
September 8 2022—September 14 2022 Great Montana & Glacier National Park ~~ Oregon West
Welcome to Big Sky Country… Montana! It is defined by its diverse terrain ranging from the Rocky Mountains to the Great Plains. Its wide-open spaces include Glacier National Park, a vast wilderness preserve that passes into Canada. The park’s many snow-capped peaks, lakes and alpine hiking trails are showcased along its famed Going-to-the-Sun Road, stretching 50 miles over some of the most gorgeous landscapes in the world! See Flyer
October 2 2022 — October 7 2022 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta & Enchanting Santa Fe ~~ Oregon West
Up, up, and away the balloons go into the New Mexico sky each October. Few spectacles on Earth rival the Mass Ascension, as hundreds of balloons lift off from Balloon Fiesta Park to drift in the crisp early-morning high-desert air. This memorable tour also features an evening balloon glow with fireworks, visits to Santa Fe, Taos, Anasazi ruins and the culture and history of the Land of Enchantment.
October 5 2022—October 7 2022 Portland Spirit to Astoria ~~ Oregon West
Astoria is gritty and likes it that way. But that rustic exterior is just a cover for the many enchanting dichotomies you’ll find waiting around the corner. Here, fisherman are poets, loggers drink espresso, and Main Street welcomes both the nouveau gallery and the five n’ dime. For Astoria, it’s about character, and it’s also about characters: the people who call this place home with a passion that borders on evangelical. The skipper who challenges the same mighty river his great grandfather once fished; the artist who migrated here in search of a new palette; the hotelier who resurrected a once-bustling pier. Filling fast! See Flyer
October 23 2022—October 28 2022 Great Smoky Mountains & More! ~~ Oregon West
Come explore America’s most visited national park, the Great Smoky Mountains! Experience one of America’s oldest mountain ranges. A truly living mountain range, the Great Smoky Mountains are constantly re-inventing themselves as wind, water, and erosion continuously shape these ageless mountains. We also Visit Biltmore Estates and so much more on this wonderful adventure! Waitlist! See Flyer