From Tony at Oregon West

Hi all… I wanted to give you an update on OregonWest (and myself) as several inquiries have come in over the last couple of months. I had hoped to have some concrete answers to our future travel plans, but the only answers that I have receive or have come to the conclusion is “we are still on a wait and see basis”.

COVID 19 has been Mentally and Financially draining… as I plan our tours 6 to 10 months out and have had to undo all that planning. Hopefully, we will recover from this trying time… I know OregonWest provides more than travel to several of you as friendships and bonds have been made over the years.

I do not know when I will be able to plan our 2021 calendar. I will be repeating many of the more popular tours that we canceled in 2020 if the venues are open and back to normal.  

Thank you for your interest and support… Cheers!

Tony Minden, owner

Oregon West Excursions


Check back for 2021 Trips and Tours