Notes from the Travel Desk
As you have probably noticed, we now have a different mix of travel options this year than we have had in the past. Some of our smaller trips have had such poor turn-out that the people putting them together are no longer offering them.  If you are interested in helping to plan and set up local trips for our members, please call the Front Desk and ask to speak with the Travel Department.

The Center has a travel desk in the lobby where you can see travel brochures. 

Interested in Broadway Rose Musicals?

If you would like to attend the musicals at Broadway Rose on a less formal basis i.e. as more of a carpool arrangement, let Betty (503-390-7441) in the travel department know and so coordinate and agree on a date (Betty is willing to drive!). The remaining dates for 2019 are:  Footloose : Aug 1-Sep 1; Once Oct 3-27; It Happened One Christmas :  Nov 27-Dec 22

2019 Trips and Tours

Changes to Oregon West Reservations

Oregon West Excursions has simplified the process for signing up for their trips. Instead of you signing up at K/SAS, then finalizing arrangements with them, you will work directly with Oregon West for the entire reservation and travel process. This method will be less complicated, and saves work for everyone. Please be assured that we will still get a donation from them for maintaining the Bulletin Board and the travel page in the Bulletin and on our website. We hope this will work out better for everyone involved.

August 31 2019—September 5 20196 Days South Dakota, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse & More! ~~ Oregon West
Come explore a place steeped in history filled with sky-piercing granite peaks and unparalleled scenic beauty! Some Highlights: tour of Deadwood; Lunch at Kevin Costner’s restaurant Diamond Lil’s; Mount Rushmore; Crazy Horse Memorial; an exciting Buffalo Jeep Safari through Custer State Park; Rapid City and the Journey Museum; Bear Country USA; Wall Drug Store; A driving tour through Badlands National Park...and more! Final Payment Date: May 28 2019 See Flyer
September 20 2019—October 4 201915 Days The Art of Italy ~~ Oregon West
Home to some of the most famous structures in the world, including the Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and more! Join us as we explore these World Heritage Sites from the perspective of art and architecture. A two-week celebration of the masters of Botticelli, Titian, Michelangelo and so many others. Final Payment Date: June 18 2019 See Flyer

October 12—October 17 20198 Days Maine ~~ Oregon West
From the iconic lighthouses perched along sparkling bays to Portland’s cobblestone streets boasting award-winning restaurants, a visit represents a true, authentic experience where the sights, sounds and tastes are sea-infused and historically rich. The Pine Tree State is famous for lobster and harvests most of the lobster in the U.S. Did you know Maine has 3,478 miles of coastline? That is more than California! Final Payment Date: July 11 2019 More Info
October 18—October 24 20197 Days Washington D.C. ~~ Oregon West
A powerful place! Washington DC grew up along the banks of the Potomac River, in a central location chosen by George Washington, to satisfy Northern and Southern interests. Pierre Charles L’Enfant fashioned the capital city with grand boulevards and ceremonial spaces. Since that time DC has evolved into a fascinating, lively world! Final Payment Date: August 15 2019 More Info

November 8 2019—November 11 20194 Days "Ashland’s Culinary Festival ~~ Oregon West
We’ll head to one of our favorite places to take in their 13th Annual Culinary Festival… Ashland! Have you heard of the shows Chopped or Top Chef? Talented chiefs compete with one another testing their skills and competing for prizes. Many view their experience inside the ring as so integral to their development as professionals that they are now shepherding younger chefs and mixologists into the arena. Oh… and we’ll also take in some top-notch entertainment that Ashland is famous for! Final Payment Date: August 8 2019 More Info...

December 4 2019—December 10 20197 Days "Charleston & Myrtle Beach ~~ Oregon West
Charleston… Known for its rich history, well-preserved architecture, distinguished restaurants, and hospitable people. It has received numerous accolades, including “America’s Most Friendly City and in 2013 and 2014 “the most polite and hospitable city in America” In 2016, Charleston was ranked the “World’s Best City”! Myrtle Beach… Take in a foot-stomping show at the Carolina Opry. Mingle with the fishermen of Springmaid Pier, then stop for ice cream along the boardwalk. Shop and dine at one of the area’s many entertainment complexes, or simply explore the many beaches of the Grand Strand – all with a personality of their own. Final Payment Date: September 26 2019 More Info...
December 16 2019—December 18 20193 Days "Shore Acres Christmas Holiday ~~ Oregon West
Experience the beauty of winter landscapes, exciting attractions, and something unique. This is an ABSOLUTE MUST SEE!! It is an experience that will be sure to set the mood for the entire Christmas season. Final Payment Date: October 24 2019 More Info...

2020 Trips and Tours

January 16 ~ 20, 20205 Days Snow-Coach Through Yellowstone ~~ Oregon West
Snow-coach through YellowstoneEven if you have been through Yellowstone Park a dozen times in the summer, Yellowstone’s unique winter environment should not be missed! Visitor statistics show that snow-coach tours are quickly becoming the most popular way to visit Yellowstone. A combination of great comfort, commanding views, and an opportunity to learn about the park, are inspiring more people to visit during the winter. A $100 per person deposit will hold space; balance is due by November 18th, 2019 See Flyer

February 25 ~ 29, 20205 Days Tucson Arizona ~~ Oregon West
With 350 days of sunshine a year… Tucson is the place to vacation! A bit off the beaten path… Tucson’s unique attractions beckon you to discover and explore… The beauty of the Sonoran Desert is what first pulls you in… then surprises you at how verdant and diverse a living desert can be, truly an oasis from the unoriginal and pretentious… Let Tucson inspire the free spirit in you! A $100 per person deposit will hold space; balance is due by December 27 2019 See Flyer