Notes from the Travel Desk
As you have probably noticed, we now have a different mix of travel options this year than we have had in the past. Some of our smaller trips have had such poor turn-out that the people putting them together are no longer offering them.  If you are interested in helping to plan and set up local trips for our members, please call the Front Desk and ask to speak with the Travel Department.

The Center has a travel desk in the lobby where you can see travel brochures. 

2020 Season ~ Broadway Rose Musicals

  • October 1-25: Loch Lomond
  • November 25-December 20: A Christmas Carol
If you would like to attend the musicals at Broadway Rose  call Betty at 503-390-7441.

Changes to Oregon West Reservations

Oregon West Excursions has simplified the process for signing up for their trips. Instead of you signing up at K/SAS, then finalizing arrangements with them, you will work directly with Oregon West for the entire reservation and travel process. This method will be less complicated, and saves work for everyone. Please be assured that we will still get a donation from them for maintaining the Bulletin Board and the travel page in the Bulletin and on our website. We hope this will work out better for everyone involved.

From Tony at Oregon West

Hi all It's been a while, but we're ready when you are! It has been a tough year for sure! We have been making decisions on our trips as each due dates approaches...  we will not run any final payments without calling or emailing you first! We have been working with our vendors to prepare for our groups to start traveling again! Click here to read about NorthWest Navigators Extreme Triple-Clean Commitment.

2020 Trips and Tours

October 4 — 9, 2020 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta ~~ Oregon West
For centuries, writers and artists have used their talents to portray New Mexico in ways that illustrate why this beautiful place is so special. Come with us for a taste of the Land of Enchantment… Where you'll view the spectacular sight of over 600 ascending hot air balloons. Explore the rich history of Santa Fe and Taos. This exciting tour is loaded! More Info...
October 6 — 8, 2020 Explore with the Spirit to Astoria ~~ Oregon West
Astoria is gritty and likes it that way. But that rustic exterior is just a cover for the many enchanting dichotomies you’ll find waiting around the corner. Here, fisherman are poets, loggers drink espresso, and Main Street welcomes both the nouveau gallery and the five n’ dime. For Astoria, it’s about character, and it’s also about characters: the people who call this place home with a passion that borders on evangelical. The skipper who challenges the same mighty river his great grandfather once fished; the artist who migrated here in search of a new palette; the hotelier who resurrected a once-bustling pier. More Info...
October 25 — 30, 2020 The Great Smoky Mountains & More! ~~ Oregon West
Come explore America’s most visited national park, the Great Smoky Mountains! Experience one of America’s oldest mountain ranges. A truly living mountain range, the Great Smoky Mountains are constantly re-inventing themselves as wind, water, and erosion continuously shape these ageless mountains. We also Visit Biltmore Estates and so much more on this wonderful adventure! More Info...